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9 Picturesque waterfalls near Vizag to have a cool-down

9 Picturesque waterfalls near Vizag to have a cool-down

Vizag is bestowed upon with a natural landscape. Located between the Eastern Ghats and the Bay of Bengal, Visakhapatnam is known for its multitude of features. Apart from the famous beaches of Vizag, the district also houses heavenly waterfalls. Located a few kilometers from the urban settings of the City of Destiny, these waterfalls are natural getaways from the fast-paced and hectic schedule of city life. The sounds of water cutting through the hard rocks produce a natural harmony that relaxes the stress built in the body, resting in the heart of the exotic tropical thickets. We list out 9 such waterfalls that you can visit near Vizag. It also fulfills our youthful travelling dreams, a getaway trip, to find oneself, to stand and stare at the beauty of natural creations, and to make the memories of a lifetime.

#1 Duduma

Situated at the borders of Odisha and Vizag, is one of the highest waterfalls of India, Duduma waterfalls. It is one of the prominent waterfalls located near Vizag. Resembling the tail of a horse, this horsetail type of waterfall is 157 meters tall. It originates from the Machkund river in Odisha. Duduma is a collective of three waterfalls. The breathtaking view from the waterfalls is worth every hurdle in the journey. The waterfalls are at a distance of 54 km from Padua railway station. At approximately a 5-6 hours drive from Vizag, the waterfalls are a peaceful weekend gateway to spend with your loved ones.

#2 Devarapalli

Also known as the Bahubali waterfalls or the Sariya waterfalls, Devarapalli waterfalls is a must-visit place near Vizag. The waterfall is located at the Devarapalli village, almost 80 kilometres away from Vizag city. It takes 40-50 minutes of trekking to reach the tail of the Devarapalli waterfalls. The 2-hour long drive from Vizag to the waterfalls is a visual treat, with verdure greenery and lakes across the roads. The waterfalls are a perfect place for rejuvenating oneself.

#3 Dumbriguda Chaparai

The Chaparai waterfalls are located about 15 km near the Araku Valley, en route to Paderu in Vizag. A cascading waterfall with naturally occurring water pools, the place is a perfect setting for family picnics and trips. Famous for its rocky built, it is one of the major tourist attractions. Although caution is advised as currents could be strong given the weather conditions.

#4 Katiki

Originating from River Gosthani in the Ananthagiri Hills of the Eastern Ghats, the Katiki waterfalls are a picturesque location near Vizag. A drive from Sunkerametta in the Araku Valley to the Katiki waterfall is a blissful experience. A great tourism spot. One has to trek through the dense jungles to reach the waterfall. Situated at a distance of 7 km from Borra Caves, this waterfall is a must-visit place. Splashing the water in the natural pools is a remembrance of childhood fun.

#5 Tadimada

Located at the exotic Ananthagiri hills of the Eastern Ghats of India, is the Tadimada waterfall. Not only does the place provide for a panoramic impression of nature, but also a fascinating view of the coffee plantations of the Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh. The picturesque waterfalls situated near Vizag are a must-visit in a lifetime. The location also provides for a walk around the hills.

#6 Thatiguda

The Ananthagiri hills located 3100 kilometres above mean sea level, also hosts the gorgeous Thatiguda waterfalls. Situated 3 kms from the Borra Junction, Thatiguda is one of the tourist destinations to visit near Vizag city. To reach the waterfalls, one has to walk through the village.

#7 Rana Jilleda

Located at the Rana Jilleda village in Araku Valley, the Rana Jilleda waterfall is a 60 ft long cascade. It takes 20 minutes to trek to the tail of the waterfall. The waterfall is also known as the Araku waterfalls as it provides for the water supply of the Araku. Rana Jilleda waterfall is one of the lesser-known waterfalls to visit near Vizag.

#8 Kothapalli

Located 120 kilometres from Vizag and 30 kms from Paderu Village, the natural reserve Kothapalli waterfall is one of the popular tourist spots. The stream of water flowing down through the humongous rocks is a glimpse to watch. The beauty of the waterfall is breathtaking. A perfect place for adventures and family vacations.

#9 Valasempet

A prominent attraction for tourists, Valasempeta waterfall is located in Rajupeta. This exotic waterfall is one of the less explored waterfalls near the city of Vizag. Although swimming is prohibited at the location due to the depth of the water, it’s still a scenic place for all tourists to visit.


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