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Big Boss 14 Elimination


Elimination in Bigg boss 14 this week has been a shock to everyone including the host Salman Khan as he announced Jasmin Bhasin to be evicted as she got less votes.

Host Salman Khan asked the nominated contestants Rubina Dalik,Abhinav Shukla,Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin to come to the garden area and asked them to stand in the red boxes as he played Freeze and Release game.He then asked the contestants to move a step forward.Finally, Abinav shukla and Jasmin Bhasin stayed in the red boxes after Rubina and Aly Goni are saved from eviction.

Later, host announced Jasmin Bhasin to be eliminated with an emotional note “Sorry baby”
It was the first time in bigg boss history that the audience has witnessed Salman getting emotional.

After announcing Jasmin bhasin was eliminated,Aly Goni broke down and asked the host to let him go with Jasmin out of the show. Then, Salman asked him to be strong and let Jasmin go. Aly also suffered from Asthma after crying intensely for Jasmin.Jasmin asked one of the housemates to bring his pump and also asked Aly to be strong and she wants to see him as winner as she is going now.

After Jasmin eliminated, Aly got furious and also seen that he throws things around him.Rahul Vaidya seems consoling Aly.Rubina also felt bad for not clearing the misunderstandings with Jasmin and she is shocked as Jasmin is one of the strong contestants in the house.Everyone in the house is astonished with eviction of Jasmin as she seems to be very strong and commendable one in the house.They also even stated that she deserves to be in the house.


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