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Bolo Hau Movie Review

Bolo hau

Critic’s Rating: 2.0/5

STORY: It’s a love story between Salman (Ankit Rathi) and Rukhsar (Jahnavi Dhanrajgir) who belong to two different social statuses. Will their love be accepted by their families?

REVIEW: Set in old Hyderabad, the story focuses on the love story of a couple in their mid-twenties fighting the class divide. Unemployed Salman is the son of a small-time antique dealer and spends all his time with his friends. Rukhsar is a college-going girl who hails from the family of Nawabs. The duo fall head-over-heels in love when they see each other at a mutual friend’s wedding. Despite the disparity in their social statuses, will their families accept their relationship or will they go to extreme end to keep them apart, is the focal point of this flick.

‘Bolo Hau’ literally means ‘Say Yes’ in Dakhani language. Hence, the tagline of the movie states ‘Say Yes To Love’. Writer- director Tarun Dhanrajgir has penned this romantic saga with Abid Shah. Together, they are able to weave the culture of Hyderabad into the story effortlessly. In fact, even the songs have that colloquial Hyderabadi touch. This love tale is presented very authentically and that is what draws you in to the film. However, the plot is too predictable from the beginning as it’s the same age-old drama of a wealthy girl falling in love with a poor guy and their families being against their relationship.

Tarun Dhanrajgir introduces his editor-turned-actress daughter, Jahnavi Dhanrajgir, in ‘Bolo Hau’ is also the editor of the film. She is convincing in depicting Rukhsar but as an editor, she fails to render a smooth flow of the screenplay. A couple of scenes, especially the climax ones, have been chopped abruptly. Jahnavi’s on-screen chemistry with Ankit Rathi lacks the required passion for a narrative like this. However, both of them are impressive in playing their respective roles. Gullu Baba’s (Adnan Sajid Khan) character as the third tier to this love story is quite confusing and his dialogues are unfunny, too. Rukhsar’s mother Begum (Preeti Nigam) plays a major role in pushing the narrative forward. She is a strict mother and continues to have an authoritative tone throughout.

Overall, ‘Bolo Hau’ is an old wine in a new bottle with a special flavour of Hyderabad.


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