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Films Near Collision with ‘UFO’ from Singapore Airlines

UFO found in Singapore

A video clip of a flight almost colliding with an ‘UFO’ has been going viral all over the internet recently. The video was filmed by one of the passengers onboard a Singapore Airlines plane just moments before the flight’s landing.

As per reports, the flight was heading towards Switzerland’s Zurich Airport on January 17 and when the passenger had switched on his phone camera to record the landing at Zurich airport, he was surprised to have recorded an unidentified flying object that zoomed past and nearly collided with the aircraft. Soon after, other passengers onboard the aircraft reportedly started panicking but the pilot followed safety protocol and requested everyone to calm down.

The viral video clip shows the Swiss landscape before the aircraft begins its descend and tilts to the right, when, suddenly, a white object moves past just below the flight path of the plane. In the video, as the UFO zips past the aircraft, the man can be heard saying, “Holy s**t”.

Watch the video here:


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As per experts, the object was definitely not a drone or a bird due to its invisibility on the radar. Few days ago, residents in the Hawaiian island of Oahu also made headlines after spotting a bright blue object hovering across the night sky before disappearing into the sea.

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