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Heartbroken Sana Khan Hits Out at Trollers For Making Negative Videos on Her Post Marriage With Anas Saiyad

Sana Khan
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Former actor Sana Khan who left showbiz last year and married Surat-based Saiyad Anas Saiyad also called Mufti Anas. Saiyad and Sana share a great bond and are active users of social media. Sana keeps on sharing her wedding and honeymoon pictures and even expresses her love for him. It seems like netizens are not happy with her decision of quitting Bollywood and marrying Anas. Recently, Sana took to her social media account to bash trollers for making negative videos on her specially post her wedding that took place in November 2020.
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Without naming anyone, Sana Khan posted a note smashing the people: “Some people are making such negative videos n me from so long but I hv been very patient. But now one person made a video highlighting my past n talking absolutely rubbish abt it. Don’t you knw it’s a sin to make that person realise about it when tht person has done tauba?? I m so heartbroken right knw.”

She elaborated in the caption that she doesn’t want to name the person and urged to be nice when people wants to change with time. It read, “I don’t wanna name the person coz I don’t wanna do what he has done to me but this is so evil. If you can’t support someone n be nice be quiet. Don’t put anyone in depression with such ruthless n hard comment making the person feel guilty about their past all over again. Sometimes u repent n move on but there are some like me who at times think I wish I could go back in time n change few things. Please be nice n let people change with time🙏🏼”.

Take a look at the post shared by Sana Khan here:

Sana Khan spoke on her marriage in a recent interview with Bombay Times. Sana said that her husband is the kind of man she wanted in her life and someone who is God’s blessing for her. “I have prayed for years for a man like him in my life. What I liked best about him is that he is shareef and unn mein haya hai. He is not judgmental,” she said.



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