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Indira Gandhi zoological park is located in the center of Visakhapatnam city. It is situated in an area of approximately 625 acres of forest land. It is one of the must-go places in the city of Visakhapatnam

The total number of animals in the Zoo is 843 approx in which animals like Birds, reptiles, ungulates, mammals, carnivores, lesser carnivores, canids, and butterflies of 100+ species.

The Vizag zoo is 7.5 km to rtc bus complex and 9.5 to the railway station, so it’s not very far, and abundant availability of transportation.

Timings of Vizag zoo are from 09:00 am to 05;00 pm every day and it’s closed every Wednesday.

The top attractive animals in Vizag zoo that you can see are White tiger, lion, fox, cheetah, bears, hippo, elephants, rhino, ring-tailed lemur, giraffe, snakes, crocodiles, rabbits, monkeys a large number of varieties, different varieties of birds and deers, etc.,

You can stay there for a whole day without worrying as a canteen inside for food and toilets. It has a train modeled vehicle paid to show you around the zoo. The Vizag zoo is surrounded by hills and the location is just beautiful and very pleasant.

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