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‘Lot of deliberation on farm protest, but not on solution’: PM Modi in Rajya Sab


Taking a swipe at opposition parties which boycotted President’s speech to the joint Parliamentary session on January 28, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said, “It would have been better had all listened to the significant speech that the President delivered. But the message was so significant that even if it was not attended, the message was delivered.”

“There were many apprehensions over India’s Covid-19 situation. And it was natural because nobody has thought a challenge like Covid-19 would befall. Countries could not help each other — the situation was like that. But we overcame it and the credit does not go to any government. But it goes to the people. What is wrong in taking pride in how India handled Covid-19 situation?” PM Modi said.
“There are so many issues for opposition politics. But why to make fun of this pride that India can take in itsCovid-19 approach,” PM Modi said.
Congratulating state governments, PM Modi said Covid-19 gave an opportunity to enshrine the values of cooperating federalism.

“A lot has been said about India’s democracy in this House. I do not agree to all these. I was listening to Derek O Brien’s speech which was full of big words like intimidation etc. I was wondering whether he was speaking of West Bengal. Possible as he is seeing what is happening in West Bengal round the clock,” PM Modi said.
Quoting Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, PM Modi said India’s democracy is a human institution; it’s neither narrow nor self-centred, not aggressive. “India is the biggest democracy in the world, we love to parrot this. But we have to teach our youth that India is the mother of democracy,” PM Modi said.
“Challenges are there as there is nothing without challenges in the world. But the point is whether we want to be part of the challenge or its solution,” PM Modi added.
“A lot of discussions took place on farmers’ protest. But most of it was concentrated on the protest and not the solution. Agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomarji raised some valid questions in the House. But I think those questions will never find answers,” the Prime Minister


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