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Meet Sushma Perla, a Master Life Coach from Visakhapatnam


Everyone is said to have a true self, however experts believe that it seems to be buried under layers of emotional baggage. The team of Yo! Vizag got in touch with Sushma Perla, a Master Life Coach, Emotional Alignment Specialist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner to understand the importance of being emotionally aligned in today’s world. With a Psychology degree, Sushma further took training from the Robert Simic Coaching Institute in Dubai, to become a Master Life Coach in Visakhapatnam.

Sushma helps her clients take actionable steps towards their goals, shed suppressed negative emotions and break unwanted thought patterns.

She believes that people are capable of achieving so much more than they think they’re capable of and are limited by their own beliefs.

Busting the taboo surrounding seeking help, Sushma shares, “Consulting a life coach doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a traumatic past or a host of issues. It could also be just to upgrade your current thinking, feeling and living, making life more effortless. Emotional alignment builds resilience and aligns a person’s thoughts, actions and desires. When faced with a setback or disappointment, an emotionally aligned individual bounces back much quicker than others”.

“One can’t stay with the same mindset and expect different results”, she says. As a Life Coach in Visakhapatnam, she has seen many of her clients dealing with issues of low self-worth, anxiety and fear.

Especially, after the pandemic hit, she has seen an increase in clients with low self esteem and procrastination. “The minute I relieve them from their limiting beliefs, they begin to feel empowered and see new possibilities that were deemed impossible by the mind before. They feel they can achieve anything they set their hearts on”.

“At times of overwhelming emotions like anxiety, it’s important to acknowledge and validate your emotions and practice grounding techniques”, Sushma adds.

Here’s her quick guide to creating alignment within:

#1 Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.
#2 Enforce healthy boundaries.
#3 Take action towards change and personal growth.
#4 Move your body – exercise, dance, walk, etc. and shake stuck energy.
#5 Practice grounding techniques for anxiety.
#6 Gratitude journaling.
#7 Mindfulness- pick a routine of meditation and reflection that is sustainable by you.

You can find Sushma on:

Instagram @resetwithsushma

Email – connect@resetwithsushma.com

Coaching sessions are done via zoom.


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