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Move over, olive tree: These are the hottest houseplant trends of 2021

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Looking for a way to shake up your home décor and add a little life to your space at the same time? This year’s biggest houseplant trends will boost both your greenery game and your style one. (Not to mention the myriad benefits of houseplants, like their ability to reduce background noise, and even improve productivity.)

The most popular and trending houseplants over the last few years have been the (still much-loved) Cheese Plant (Monstera deliciosa) and the Fiddle Leaf Fig, while you may have purchased a few succulents along the way also. These are still some of the best indoor plants around, but there are some neat newcomers this year that you may already be seeing all over the ‘gram and soon likely on your own home office desk or windowsill…

To give us some insight about which plant trends are on the rise, we spoke with Larry Walshe, founder of Bloom for some expert insight on what plants he think will take the limelight in 2021.  Then, we turned to the green-thumbed team at Flowercard , which provided some interesting data on which houseplants have surged in popularity over the past ten years.

So which plant trends will just keep growing? Scroll on for the ten biggest house plant trend predictions for 2021, plus, some useful styling tips from our experts.

House plant trends 2021

“This year, we predict popular houseplant varieties will include the Boston Fern or Sword Fern, Devils Ivy, Sansevieria (Snake Plant), Aloe Vera, Calathea and Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise plant),” says Walshe. As we’re all spending more time at home, we also predict a boom in popularity of Sculptural houseplants, such as the Snake Plant and Split-Leaf Philodendron, which look really impactful and make a bold statement.”

1. Fish Bone Cactus

Also known as the zigzag cactus (and we can see why) the Fishbone cactus is native to Mexico and with a 2280% increase in popularity* it’s set to be the most trending houseplant this year. Easy to care for – and in return you may enjoy a reward of fragrant flowers – invite this ornamental houseplant into your home and you won’t regret it.

2. The Bunny Ear cactus

Cute and a little spiky, the Bunny Ear Cactus as you may have noticed takes its name from its resemblance to bunny ears (in shape not texture). A unique kinda cactus, which is number two on the houseplant trend list as it’s risen in popularity by a whopping 1985%*. So, keep your cact-eye (see what we did there?) out for this one on your Insta-feed,

a close up of a green plant© Provided by Real HomesOpuntia microdasys albispina Plant x 1. Angora Bunny Ears Cactus

Sweet and spiky, the perfect type of cactus. View Deal

3. The Blue Star Fern

This thicker leafed variety of fern is super playful looking and a surefire way to bring interest back to a boring corner. According to Flowercard, popularity for this houseplant rose by 1795%*.

4. Mistletoe Cactus

In at number four with a 1467% increase in popularity, this jazzy cactus is loud, carefree, and makes the perfect display. We love it.

5. Velvet Calathea

In at number five with a 1291% increase, the Velvet Calethea is a plant that enjoys humid conditions and it’s got a killer look with darker, almost purple underleaf.

6. The Boston Fern

Walshe predicts ferns, like this leafy Boston variety, will be big in 2021. Great to keep in a humid room like a bathroom – provided there is a window – Bostons are easy to care for and their ruffled leaves are sure to add texture to your space.

a group of palm trees on a leaf© Provided by Real HomesStunning Boston Fern | Indoor Home or Office Plant | 25-35cm

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7. Devil’s Ivy

Much like the name implies, this catch of a houseplant doesn’t need much light so will still thrive in dim rooms (we all have em’). The light leaf pattern is what will make this one a beaut addition to your home in 2021.

8. The Sword Fern

Because you can’t have too many ferns, or hanging plants for that matter, the Sword Fern is a lovely addition to all types of household. Similar to the Boston, bushy tailed sword-shaped fronds will bring joy to your surroundings.

9. Aloe Vera

The Aloe was actually noted as one of the most popular houseplants for 2020 according to Flowercard, so we can understand why Walshe anticipates this trend as one to stay.

10. Snake plant

Another plant that was hugely popular in 2020, with 7,294,000 internet searches overall. The snake plant, if you haven’t already got one, is a great houseplant to pick up this year.

Expert houseplant styling tips

“As a design element, plants are incredibly versatile,” says Walshe. “Whether your home is minimal and clean, or eclectic and busy, plants do so much to soften and add texture. Think about them as you would a piece of art or an ornament, and style them accordingly, lifting and adding an extra dimension to the space.”

“Go bold with pots too when it comes to styling; either with one substantial large plant, adding colour and texture to a darkened corner, or clustering lots together to create an impact,” Walshe says. “Using pots in varying sizes and finishes creates a more eclectic and relaxed overall look, whereas a set of matching pots displayed at regular intervals on a long side table for example, will create a chic and striking effect. If you prefer a uniform, ordered interior, use the same style pot in varying sizes. If you lust after a more eclectic interior look, vary your pots and plants for added personality and depth.”

And last but not least: There’s no such thing as too many houseplants…

*Using comparative research at Flowercard, taking search trends data from 2010-2015 and comparing that to the interest in 2015-2020


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