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People said she is too much of a woman, too black: Niece Meena on Kamala Harris

Kamla Harris

Meena Harris et al. standing in a room© Provided by The Indian Express

Meena, who worked on her aunt and Vice President Kamala Harris’ campaign, has now opened up on how the latter influenced her “unique” upbringing.

Meena’s mother Maya, who worked as a senior policy adviser on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, gave birth to her daughter when she only 17 and still in high school. That’s when Kamala looked after Meena during evenings and weekends, she revealed in an interview with The Times.

“Growing up, I was taught that ambition is something to celebrate, that it means purpose and determination, having a big idea and running after it, chasing your dreams and having confidence in yourself,” she was quoted as saying.

Meena herself is a mother to two kids and a children’s book author. She recalled how Kamala was criticised for being “too ambitious” by “an old white guy”.

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She added, “She [Kamala] has experienced this her whole life – people said, ‘You’re too young. You’re too much of a woman. Frankly, you’re too black. That’s never been done before.”

Talking about her childhood, she expressed, “My mum and aunt were raised in the same way, with an expectation that a child, no matter their age, can understand and can be a part of adult conversations. Or, at the very least, learn and listen.”

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