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Why Chacha, the chaat vendor from Baghpat, has become the new meme star

Baghpat chat vendors fight

According to the police, the fight occurred between two groups of chaat vendors in the Baraut area of Baghpat. Later, eight men were arrested in the case.

baghpat brawl, baghpat chaat vendors fight, up shopkeeper fight video, chacha memes, baghpat chaat fight video spoofs, up news, viral news, indian expressThe clip showed the two sides attacking each other with sticks, pipes, and rods in broad daylight.

A video of two groups fighting over customers for chaat in a Uttar Pradesh town has gone viral, but one of the men, thanks to his henna-streaked hair, was lavished the most attention on social media.

Harendra, dubbed by social media users as chacha, became fodder for meme makers after his involvement in the no holds barred street fight in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh.

In the viral video, several men fought pitched battles with sticks and rods even as passersby watched in disbelief. The footage, which many said looked like ‘straight out of a 90s film’, began to trend in India.

According to the police, the fight over customers occurred between two chaat vendors and their families in the Baraut area of Baghpat. Eight people had been arrested after the melee, including Harendra.

Harendra told news agency ANI that he has been running his business in the area for over 40 years, however, for the last few months sales have been down. Blaming the other party for stealing his customers during the period, he alleged that their chaat would not sell and “they make my customers go away.”

As hashtag #Baghpat dominated trends on Twitter and Instagram, many came up with hilarious reactions. And after the police released a photo showing all eight accused arrested in the case, it triggered a meme-fest online.

‘Chaat’ and ‘Chacha’ also dominated trends on social media as people edited the original fight video to add music and even lightsabers! Many are now even tagging WWE to recognize his talent.


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